Seif is an Egyptian classical pianist currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.


Seif El Din Sherif is a classical pianist born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. At the age of 12 he began playing piano with Egyptian pianist Iman Nour-El-Din through the Talent Development Center at the Library of Alexandria. Not long afterwards, he became a student of the Berlin-based Egyptian pianist Yasser Mokhtar and went on to win first prizes in the “Jugend Musiziert” German national competition in 2006 (Freiburg) and 2009 (Essen) and several Egyptian national competitions.

He then became a student in precollege department with Prof. Christian Pohl at the University of Music and Theater Leipzig "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" before beginning his Bachelor in Piano Performance with Prof. Markus Tomas at the same University. In 2015 he continued he spent a semester studying with Prof. Marcel Baudet at the Konvervatorium von Amsterdam through the ERASMUS scholarship program.

After completing his degree in Leipzig in 2016, he continued to Cologne to complete a Master of Performance with Prof. Sheila Arnold. He currently resides in Zurich, Switzerland, where he is pursuing a master’s degree in Music pedagogy with Prof. Karl Andreas Kolly.

Seif has given solo- and chamber music recitals in Egypt, Spain, Holland, England, Italy and Germany. Aside from his solo performances, he was an elected member of the student council (StuRa) and scholar in YEHUDI MENUHIN Live Music Now e.V. (Leipzig and Cologne), through which he gave many moderated concerts in different social institutions – from hospitals to rehab centers and prisons. He is also currently playing with the Glinka-Trio, which was chosen as “Best of NRW” 2018 and has been supported by the Jens Gunnar Becker Agency and Dörken Stiftung. Later the same year, he was supported as a soloist by the same institution.

He has received scholarships from the “Kölner Gymnasial- und Stiftungsfonds” (2016) and the “Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung” (2017-2019). Seif was a recipient of the Deutschlandstipendium for the academic year 2014-15 and supported by a sponsorship from “Franke Media” the following year.